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Gabi dissed Antoine Griezmann after his announcement

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After his announcement to leave Atletico Madrid next summer, Antoine Griezmann has angered many fans and former players like Gabi.

Last Tuesday’s announcement that Antoine Griezmann made where he confirms he is leaving Atletico Madrid certainly made an impression on Gabi.

The former Colchonero skipper recently left the club in order to begin his retirement years in Qatar, where he plays alongside Xavi Hernandez at Al Saad.

The former player was questioned about this unexpected decision that Griezmann made and left a lot of Atletico Madrid fans completely heartbroken.

One of the most affected people after this announcement was made is manager Diego Simeone, who completely trusted Griezmann to remain at the club next season.

The reactions from many different Atletico figures were expected as the hours have gone by, most of them have been a mixed bag of emotions that have been documented by the media today.

We’ll start with president Enrique Cerezo, who revealed he was more disappointed than upset after he knew what was happening.

The chairman portrays one half of what the Atletico Madrid fans are currently going through, many of them expected the player to keep making history with the club and being important in the upcoming future.

The other half of the Atletico Madrid followers are very much tired of Antoine Griezmann and what he has done against the club over the last year.

This section wasn’t happy with the way that the player handled the situation about his future.

They hated the way in which he transformed the announcement of his contract extension into a circus.

These individuals who were already fed up with the French player are the ones who get better represented by Gabi.

The former Atletico Madrid captain who spoke to the press on Wednesday.

During a press conference in Qatar, he was asked about the future of the club now that Griezmann is out of the picture.

“Koke, Gimenez, and Saul are very important players who will take Griezmann’s role,” said Gabi as quoted by Diario Sport.

“They will come out on top after this because the club and the sigil are above any player.”

“I believe this is how football works, every player makes the decisions he thinks are better for his future.”

“This is exactly as I said back in the day, playing for Atletico Madrid shouldn’t be an obligation but a matter of pride.”

“This is a very personal decision that we need to respect, we have to thank him for everything he’s done for the club and wish him luck on the next stage of his career.”

PSG could nose into the negotiation with Barcelona.

There are reports coming from France that suggest Antoine Griezmann’s transfer to FC Barcelona is not final yet.

PSG is reportedly trying to sign the French player in order to become a more competitive side next season.

Griezmann still hasn’t revealed what his plans for the upcoming summer will be and he must focus on the French National team’s next commitments in June.

The options that the player has for his next destination are varied, but most of the rumors point to an imminent arrival next to Leo Messi and Luis Suarez at FC Barcelona.

Griezmann would be a fancy addition to either of both clubs that land his contract next season.

After all, we are talking about one of the most important French players of the last five years and a footballer who has been included in the Ballon d’Or podium in two different years.

The first time he reached this stage was back in 2016 when he shared the stage with Messi and Ronaldo.

The second time he reached this prestigious place as a professional was last season when he shared the podium with Luka Modric and Ronaldo again.

Needless to say, Griezmann lost the award on both occasions.

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