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Gabriel Jesus knows it’s his time to shine over ‘Kun’ Aguero

Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesus
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During an interview with The Sun, Gabriel Jesus revealed that it’s his time to shine over ‘old man’ Sergio Aguero at Man City. 

Manchester City is fortunate to have two strikers such as Gabriel Jesus and Sergio Aguero.

The Argentine is the legend and the Brazilian is the player next in line to take the baton.

When we think about some of the best players in Premier League history. ‘Kun’ is one of the players who immediately come to mind.

There aren’t many footballers as valuable as he is left in the competition, he is a true legend of this game.

But Manchester City knew he was already getting old when they signed Gabriel Jesus.

The young Brazilian has been patient during all this time, and he thinks it’s finally his time to shine at the club.

Aguero suffered an injury this season that has kept him out of the pitch for a while, and Jesus was right there to pick up the slack.

Jesus didn’t mean to disrespect ‘Kun’ with what he told The Sun recently, but it sure sounded like banter. 

Jesus sees Aguero as a mentor. 

“In the first season when I came, I played a lot. I came here to play, play, play,” said Jesus to The Sun.

“After that year sometimes it was him and not me. I know Sergio is a legend, top scorer of the club, top man, top guy. I like him as a player and a person.

“I know Sergio can score every game because of his quality and experience — and every time he plays I want him to score, obviously, so I wait and I wait.

“I want to play every game but the reality is not like that. We have a lot of players, top players. I do try to enjoy it when I am on the pitch.

“But I know Sergio is not young any more like me, and now I think my time has come. This is my time.

“I just want to play football and to improve. That’s what makes me happy — that’s what I love.

“If I am not playing football I don’t know what I would do.

“It’s always difficult when you don’t play but I know I won’t be in every time, and I respect the manager’s decision and respect my friend Sergio because he’s a legend of the club.

“And I definitely don’t think about being the best in the world, I just want to play and score and then the rest comes anyway.”

“Sergio has helped me so much, not just in the conversations we have but with his actions in training.

“When I am going to play he talks to me a lot about the game, about openings, about defenders and keepers. We have a very good relationship.”