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GALLERY: Ronaldo arrives at Carrington for practice

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Even though he had one more day of rest, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to cut his vacation short and arrived at Carrington for training. 

Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t supposed to return to Manchester United’s training grounds at Carrington until tomorrow. However, the Portuguese forward was eager to return to the facilities where he perfected his skills as one of the world’s top stars. Earlier on Tuesday, Cristiano was spotted arriving at the session. First, he spoke to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for a while before gearing up and stepping out into the pitch. All his teammates were buzzing to finally have him alongside them.

They all know how important this season will be for the Red Devils whilst knowing they have one of the best players in the world on their side. Saturday will be key for United’s return to Old Trafford with Cristiano Ronaldo’s imminent return to the place where the legend started. There have been lines throughout the week of supporters trying to buy both tickets and number ‘7’ jerseys. The hype for Cristiano Ronaldo is real and everything will happen on Saturday. 

Ronaldo steps on the pitch with another veteran. 

Manchester United’s socials have been blowing up lately after their announcement of Cristiano Ronaldo’s return. Today, they posted more images and some videos of the star’s triumphant return to Carrington. Upon arrival, he was pictured stepping on the pitch with his full training kit and Juan Mata by his side. We are talking about the most seasoned veterans in the entire squad talking shop before practice.

After that, the rest of the players started spending a little quality time with the man of the hour. Jadon Sancho was also spotted training on the grounds, he previously praised his idol and he was probably nervous about meeting him. If things work out okay for both, they have the potential to make a deadly duo on the pitch. All Manchester United fans can rest easy knowing that Ronaldo is finally home and ready to keep rocking the Premier League