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Gareth Bale might bid farewell to the Bernabeu on Sunday

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After getting completely tossed aside by Zinedine Zidane, Gareth Bale could actually say goodbye to the Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday.

The beginning of the end just started at Real Madrid started last weekend for Gareth Bale, the Wales international has his days numbered.

Manager Zinedine Zidane has remained coy about the winger’s future at the club since he arrived but his latest snub was very revealing.

Gareth Bale hasn’t fallen injured in months and yet he was still left out of the call-up list for the game at Real Sociedad last weekend.

This completely angered agent Jonathan Barnett, who came after Zidane for leaving Gareth Bale out of the squad.

The French manager has made his intentions clear after this weekend.

‘Zizou’ doesn’t want Gareth Bale to play for him next season and all the English clubs are getting ready for his return to the Premier League.

The French manager confessed that he still doesn’t know if Bale will feature on Sunday against Real Betis at the Bernabeu.

However, he is considering to give Bale one last match in front of Los Blancos’ crowd in order to have a proper farewell match.

But just to be clear, Gareth Bale doesn’t want to leave Real Madrid, he is being pushed out by Zinedine Zidane.

The manager didn’t want to directly address this issue with the press, but his last decision accelerated this divorce.


Bale’s options after Real Madrid.

We’ve discussed this several times already, the options Gareth Bale has are relatively limited.

We are talking about a player who is very coveted amongst the top clubs in European football.

There is no doubt that Gareth Bale will be one of the most talked-about transfers of the summer.

The plan to play for Manchester United doesn’t look as clear now because the Red Devils are not playing the Champions League next season.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer obviously wanted a player such as Gareth Bale on his squad, but the recent situation limits the Red Devils’ pull with players of the Welshman’s caliber.

The other option is Bayern Munich, the German giants want a player who can replace Ribery or Robben.

They consider Gareth Bale to be that player and he could even go to Germany for an accessible price.

Los Blancos consider that Bale is no longer one of the most expensive players in the world due to his extensive injury record.

This reason alone could be more than enough for the Bayern board of directors to not offer more than the €70 million he is worth on Transfermarkt.

Sunday’s match against Real Betis could actually be Gareth Bale’s last match as a Real Madrid player.

Gareth Bale’s legacy at Real Madrid.

Regardless of how bad Gareth Bale’s relationship is with manager Zinedine Zidane, nobody can take away everything the Welsh player has done for Los Blancos.

Ever since he arrived from Tottenham Hotspur back in 2013, Gareth has remained as one of the most essential players for the club’s conquests.

Bale was the one who scored the winning goal in Real Madrid’s Copa del Rey final during the 2013-14 season.

Gareth also scored the winning goal in Los Blancos’ Champions League final vs Atletico Madrid on the same season.

The injuries prevented Bale from staying competitive throughout the seasons, which is the main reason Zidane doesn’t want him at the club anymore.

However, Gareth has always managed to return in time for the final month of every season and he’s delivered great performances in key matches.

The most memorable night he had at Real Madrid came last season, he scored a brace against Liverpool in the Champions League final that Madridistas will never forget.

Even though they might not get along, Zinedine Zidane recognizes what Bale has done for the institution and he wants him to properly say goodbye to the fans.

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