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Gareth Bale sparks another controversy with Real Madrid

Gareth Bale
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Gareth Bale has remarked that he likes to play for Wales more than Real Madrid.

Gareth Bale, ever since his arrival to Real Madrid, has had a bittersweet relationship with the club and its fans. The forward complains about his manager, sometimes gets in trouble with his teammates, often brings up golf when he shouldn’t. Despite his misconducts, Bale has always showed up for Los Blancos when he was needed the most.

Recently, Bale has stirred up another controversy in his press conference. The Welshman claimed that he felt less comfortable playing for Real Madrid than he did for Wales.

“With Wales, I’m speaking my own language and feeling more comfortable,” Bale said as reported by Marca.

“I definitely have a bit more excitement playing for Wales. I’ve been with most of the players, especially the older ones, since we were in the Under-17s.

“It’s like playing with your mates down the park on a Sunday.

“But it still doesn’t change what I give on the pitch. I always give 100% wherever I am, and that’s what I always strive to do,” Gareth Bale claimed.

I’ve tried to get back [to fitness] as quick as I can. If there had been a Real Madrid game this week, I would have been fit and training to play.

“Maybe it doesn’t look great, but it’s just a kind of coincidence that the national team comes around this week and I’ve returned to full training.

“If I’m fit, no matter where I am, I’m going to try and play, whether it be for Wales or Real Madrid,” Gareth Bale assured.