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“Gareth Bale won’t be going out on loan”

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According to Gareth Bale’s agent, Jonathan Barnett, the Real Madrid will not leave the Spanish La Liga club on a loan.

The Gareth Bale and Real Madrid saga continues.

The Welsh player is still training with his teammates, as the team is set to play against Arsenal tonight.

But his agent Jonathan Barnett keeps saying he won’t get out of Los Blancos on a loan.

“There will be no makeshift deals to get him out of the club,” he said to Sky Sports.

“Gareth is one of the best players on the planet.”

Barnett said: “I can guarantee you he will not be going on loan to any club.”

“Gareth is a Real Madrid player and for now he’s staying as a Real Madrid player.”

“If something comes along that suits us, then things could change and he could be gone in a day or a week,” he added.

“Or he could still be a Real player in three years when his contract ends.”