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Gareth Bale’s tumbling fate at Real Madrid

Gareth Bale Real Madrid
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The Bernabeu faithful are known for their notoriety and the Wales forward seems to have ticked them off for the last time.

A lot was expected from Bale after his world record transfer from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid. The yin to Cristiano Ronaldo’s yang.

In the six years since, he has been instrumental in ensuring the cabinets swell with tournament trophies. But his inconsistent displays and injury issues have had a detrimental impact on Madrid’s lack of La Liga silverware.

He has been touted to move away from Santiago Bernabeu but managed to stay put over the summer. Clearly out of Zidane’s plans, it has shown in his numbers for Los Blancos.

With only 8 appearances under his belt this season shows his marginalized role. His return of only 2 goals and 2 assists has not added to his cause.

While his work ethic has never come under question, it has been his inability to gel with his teammates that has caused concerns in the Bernabeu board room. The former Spurs winger’s failure to learn Spanish further alienated him in the dressing room.

The fact that he has prioritized golf over team chemistry, and even suffered two injuries has made matters worse.

His performances for Wales and contrasting outings for Madrid have raised concerns. And surely the flagate has not gone well with the Bernabeu faithful. Bale was booed when coming on the pitch but showed great resolve to give a good account of his abilities.

During his short time on the pitch, he was instrumental in Madrid’s attacks. And should be proud of his performance as he capped it off with an assist for Modric’s goal.

Ahead of Madrid’s Champions League fixture against PSG, Bale has come under scrutiny. However, both coach and teammates have come out to support him.

Thibaut Courtois was full of praise for the 30 year old and asked the fans to get back on their side. It should be remembered it was the Belgian goalkeeper who outed Bale’s golf preferences and strange schedules to the media.

“We are here to win games. What happened, happened with his national team. He gives everything in training and in matches to help us win.”

“The Bernabeu has its opinion and who am I to give an opinion on that?” Courtois added.

The Welsh attacker has only managed 620 minutes on the pitch. And with the Bernabeu crowds turning against him, it looks unlikely he can claw his way back in to their favor. It is better for all parties involved that Bale moves away at the earliest.