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Gary Neville confident City’s victory against Liverpool is sign of Champion quality

Gary Neville
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Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville claims City’s victory and the approach used in achieving the victory is a sign of champion quality.

Neville says that Liverpool is no soft nut club to crack and adds that for the last 25 years, he has never seen such desperation and atmosphere where clubs battled for win.

Neville said via Belfastelegraph:

“To beat Liverpool is tough and to put a performance like that in when you most need it is a sign of a champion team.

“They have struggled in this last few weeks; they have re-established a bit of authority tonight. Obviously it doesn’t determine the outcome of the title, but there was a desperation in this stadium tonight.

“I have never seen this stadium have an atmosphere like this. I have not been to every game, as you can imagine, over the last 25 years, but it is the best I have ever seen the atmosphere.

“From minute one, they never let go the whole game. There was a five-minute period after Liverpool scored, but they responded and Bernardo Silva, Fernandinho… They were unreal, actually, in central midfield.

“Their tackling, their running, it was fantastic. They were desperate to win.”