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Gary Neville names the ‘real’ culprit behind Arsenal’s decline

Gary Neville, Manchester United
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Gary Neville has defended Unai Emery while bashing the Arsenal board.

Former Manchester United player Gary Neville has accused the Arsenal staff for the club’s poor results. Neville feels that the Arsenal hierarchy failed to establish a proper structure for the club’s improvement.

The 44-year old also defended former manager Unai Emery claiming that he was not the last person to be blamed.

“I think it’s a reflection upon the board and the sporting directors when a manager fails,” Gary Neville said as reported by Football London.

“The succession planning from Arsene Wenger hasn’t succeeded. They’re now on a roundabout where they are changing managers quickly.

“I suppose in some ways it is unsurprising. It was always going to be difficult after such a long period with a manager. And Unai Emery, I think he has been disrespected at times. In the last few weeks, his accent, his manner have been disrespected. I think that was getting quite unsavory.

“The reality of it is that he is a top coach who ultimately couldn’t find his way in this particular job and he has struggled with it. My feeling is ultimately one of sadness because a man has lost his coaching role today,” the former Manchester United right-back claimed.