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Gary Neville slams City defense for Salah’s goal

Gary Neville
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Gary Neville has slammed Man City’s defense for not being able to defend properly against Mohamed Salah.

Liverpool immediately made their mark on the game against Man City. Fabinho, after receiving Gundogan’s misguided pass, shot from 25 yards. The shot was too powerful for Bravo and Liverpool went 1-0 up just around five minutes after the start.

Liverpool quickly doubled their lead through Mohamed Salah after a brilliant cross from Andy Robertson.

Gary Neville has criticized Manchester City’s defenders for not closing down on Salah. The former United player remarked that in order to win, City will have to defend properly. In a report presented by Daily Mail, Neville said:

“It doesn’t matter how well you play football if you can’t defend you won’t win football matches.

“And this Manchester City defense cannot defend. He gets into a great position, Salah, and what a finish.’