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Gasperini complains about his Inter experience

Gasperini, Atalanta
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Gian Pero Gasperini is currently managing Atalanta with a big success. The team gained direct Champions League promotion after last season’s top-four finish.

When Milan was looking for a new manager this summer, one name stood out – Gian Pero Gasperini.

The Italian saw a lot of success with Atalanta, finishing above Milan to qualify for the Champions League, among others.

However, instead of stumbling this season, Atalanta kept going strong, as they’re third in Serie A, just behind the powerhouses, Juventus and Inter.

The team is playing some great football, with Ilicic, Pasalic, and Gomez at the heart of it.

Even though the Champions League suffers, Atalanta managed five wins in seven matches this season.

Talking to UEFA.com, Gasperini looked back on a rough Champions League opener defeat:

“The defeat in Zagreb [4-0] was unexpected because of the numbers and how we played.

“We needed to earn credibility in the Champions League, the best competition in the world, and make people realise that we hadn’t got there by chance.

“We had the right match against Shakhtar. Having lost it right at the end adds to our regret, but it also gives us confidence for the future: this team can grow and play at this level.”

When talking about his past, Gasperini referred to Inter as the one that “burned” him:

“My experience at Inter burned me in the worst of ways. I had to start over with a club in middle-to-low table.

“Right away I found a very organised club, an ambitious President and a city that has crazy love for this team.

“Together with our idea of ​​football, these have all helped take Atalanta to the next level.

“We’re in our fourth year together, but every season has been different. This season is perhaps the one where the team have changed the least.”

Gasperini saved a special praise for his favorite, Alejandro Gomez:

“[Alejandro] Gomez has also developed at an incredible rate. He was more of a striker in his first season with us, scoring 16 goals.

“Then he experienced a transformation, which led him to playing deeper, but he became a captain, a leader for this team.

“Perhaps he got to this level a bit late, but he’s a top player.”