Gattuso says fifth place is not failure

The AC Milan coach doesn’t think being fifth in a competitive league like the Italian Lega Serie A is a failure for his team.

AC Milan is currently in the fifth position of the Italian Lega Serie A, with two games left to play, the team might be able to climb to third place, or they could even go down to the seventh spot.

And to the Rossoneri manager Gennaro Gattuso, being in fifth place is not a failure.

“There are two games left and we’re still playing for our objective,” he said to Football Italia.

“Massimiliano Allegri’s numbers speak for themselves, the trophies he’s won are in history. The relationship I have with him… we’ve had lots of hugs, lots of fights and lots of laughs.”

“He’s the real deal, he deserves all the best and tomorrow his players and fans will greet him with affection,” he added.

“However, we must only think about ourselves and our own pride. Juventus have shown on the field the team they are and the mentality they have.”

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“The thing I liked best about De Rossi over the years, apart from the technical and tactical improvements he’s made, is how he’s grown every year on a human level,” he continued.

“Every time he made a mistake he apologized with his face. He already reasons as a coach, he says things as they are.”

“I wish him all the best. Roma will notice when he’s no longer in their dressing room,” he said.

“Both the club and I have put aside our small talk to reach our objective. There will be time to talk about the future.”

“Piatek has to make himself available to the team and not only think about himself but in that sense, I’ve seen him very focused,” he explained.

“I haven’t been thinking about the timing of games. I’m only thinking about putting out the best team.”

“I believe in good faith. All the teams are putting in a lot of effort. We must only think about playing our own game,” he concluded.


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