Genoa president talks about the team’s future

Enrico Preziosi has admitted how he would like Aurelio Andreazzoli to leave Empoli and join the Rossobu side.

Genoa president Enrico Preziosi is working towards the 2019-2020 Italian Lega Serie A season.

And he was honest to say he wishes Empoli coach Aurelio Andreazzoli would join them for the next reason.

“We have an agreement with Capozucca, he’ll help us this year,” Preziosi said about Stefano Capozucca joining as sports director according to Gianluca Di Marzio.

“Then things will go in a certain way, we’ll have a journey together.”

“[Aurelio Andreazzoli] I have to repeat: he’s bound by a contract, like other coaches,” he said.

“They’ll have to solve their issues and understand what’s their plan: we’re waiting for things that should be settled quite shortly.”

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About coach Cesare Prandelli: “Are we headed towards divorce? Yes… I think we’ll reach an agreement that will satisfy us both.”

“I’ve already said a few times, Genoa is for sale: if there would be a serious deal, I’d leave the club gladly, even if I regret how last season went.”

“I’m tired out though. If a fair and serious offer shouldn’t be made, someone will have to do what’s fair for the club, even if it goes against the fans’ opinion,” he concluded.


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