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Geoff Hurst backs England for the World Cup

Sweden v England: Quarter Final - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
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England has been receiving support for winning the World Cup from all over the place, from coaches of defeated by them teams, to legends in the football world.

Sir Geoff Hurst recently admitted he sees England really winning the World Cup, mostly due to their manager, Gareth Southgate, who, despite joining the team at a bad moment, was able to pick them up and put them back in track, as he even compared the manager to Alf Ramsey.

“The leadership at the top is vital,” Hurst said, according to 101 Great Goals.

“We had a terrific manager in Alf Ramsey, who had a great system and he selected a team that could be successful and had good characters.”

“We’ve seen the leadership with Gareth Southgate being very impressive, which has engendered a good team spirit. That seems to be quite evident, with what he says, how the team are celebrating with each other – we’re not seeing any bad stories.”

“Where we are today, I would say, categorically, quite clearly, we can win it, without a shadow of doubt,” Hurst went on to add.