The former England national team footballer lifted the trophy with the Three Lions in the 1966 edition at home.

There has only been one England national team squad who has tasted glory: the 1966 Three Lions team that kept the FIFA World Cup at home.

And from that squad, Geoff Hurst ended up being one of the biggest heroes. And now he says the next edition of the world competition can be won, once again, by England.

“Yes, I do – November is the peak of the season for us,” he was quoted by Goal.

“After starting in August, the players will be at their peak – they should not be tired – so I can only see a benefit to our country.”

“Also, the resurgence of our national team in the last 18 months, at the World Cup and qualifying for the Nations League, beating Croatia and Spain and scoring five goals a game, it’s a really opportune time for us coming into this tournament,” he added.

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“If we continue to improve and our young players get more experience, the signs are very good.”

He explained: “It’s a very exciting time for our national team and coincides with the World Cup in three years’ time.”

“I’m always very confident England are going to do well and I’m even more confident now with the timing of the tournament.”

“It’s quite evident looking at the way the players play, the way they talk in the media and the way they celebrate goals that his management style is proving very effective. It’s something we haven’t seen for some time,” Hurst said.

“One of the most important aspects of a sport doing well is the people at the top – the leaders. We were very fortunate in our time to have a great leader in Sir Alf Ramsey – he was instrumental in picking the right players and playing the right way. And Gareth Southgate seems to have a knack of doing that.”


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