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Gerard Pique recalls his success at Manchester United

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Catalan defender Gerard Pique, revealed his sensations of coming back to Old Trafford and how much he cherishes his time at Manchester United.

People tend to forget because he’s been playing at FC Barcelona for a full decade, but Gerard Pique was actually part of that same Manchester United squad that defeated the Catalan club at Old Trafford with a Paul Scholes screamer back in the 2007-08 season.

Even though he didn’t have a lot of time to play for the Red Devils during his very first experiences in professional football, being part of that squad led by Sir Alex Ferguson is a great reason why Gerard Pique is the amazing defender he is today.

The man learned from some of the best defenders in the world at the time, he had both Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic as his teachers when he was just a boy.

Coming back to Old Trafford will be a very special moment for him because of the success he got during such an early stage of his career as well, Pique won the Champions League trophy that he missed in 2006 because of leaving the Catalan club when he was very young in order to play in the Premier League.

The Barcelona product was part of the same generation that had Cesc Fabregas and Lionel Messi on the same squad, but he soon realized that moving up through the ranks wouldn’t be as easy for him as it would be for Leo.

FC Barcelona is well-known for giving the academy players bigger opportunities from the very start of their careers, but they are also known for giving a certain level of priority to the midfield of attacking players instead of defenders.

If Gerard Pique wanted to fully develop himself as a world-class centre-back that he is today, he really needed to get some minutes in top-flight football and he got them during his very final season at Manchester United.

One year before he became a full part of the squad in the Premier League, Gerard Pique had a Spanish football experience after playing for one year on loan at Real Zaragoza and this served him very well to know what La Liga was all about.

But this Tuesday as the press started to ask him about Manchester United, it is clear that Gerard Pique holds the Red Devils close to his heart and keeps fond memories about his time at the club.

The man will play against Manchester United for the second time in his career during an official match, he already played the Champions League finals of 2009 and 2011 with positive results in both of them.

However, playing a two-match series will be very different than the other two experiences.

“Ever since I was here as a player, I believe that Manchester United are the greatest club in England,” said Pique via Diario Sport.

“Liverpool has more Champions League trophies, but the Premier League is equally important or even more. This squad will be great again after Ferguson.”

“They haven’t hit the right key for a while now, but I’m confident they will change the situation and they will be back on top.”

“This is obviously a very special match for me. Here is where I went from being a kid to becoming a grown man. I learned a lot here and not only on the pitch.”

“I had my first experiences as a professional here, playing with great names in football. I also learned a lot outside of the pitch with all my crazy moments.”

“When I returned to Barcelona I was a completely different person. I was very excited when I knew we got paired with Manchester United because we had already visited all the stadiums in England.”

“But obviously, I was especially excited because of the story I lived here. A lot of years have passed, but when you get in through the same doors you did back in the day, you realize that everything remains the same.”

“Today I come with a different jersey, the one that I’ve worn almost always and the one that represents the club of my life. I have great respect for United, but I want Barcelona to win.”

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