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Gerrard hopes Rangers can beat Kilmarnock on Sunday

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Rangers manager Steven Gerrard talked about his opening day rival, Kilmarnock, ahead of the start of the Scottish Premier League season.

The 2019-2020 season of the Scottish Premier League is set to start this weekend.

And Rangers will play against Kilmarnock on Sunday.

Which is why manager Steven Gerrard hopes to get a valuable opening day win.

“Every time we played Kilmarnock at home or away last season it was a tough game, a competitive game,” said the Ibrox manager to Four Four Two.

“Under Steve Clarke, they had a way of playing which was very organized with a lot of men behind the ball. They were very compact with not much space out there, with the idea to try to counter-attack against you.”

“They had some joy and success against us and we will wait and see if the new manager, Angelo, does the same thing with a similar game plan,” he added.

“It is difficult to predict because throughout pre-season they have played a different style which was quite open and they tried to play more football on the floor.”

Gerrard explained: “It hasn’t really worked out for them so, if I was to guess, I think they might go back to more of how it looked under Steven Clarke – but that’s me guessing.”

“I think if you look at last season as a whole we had two defeats at Kilmarnock and two draws against them at home and when you look at those points over the course of the season and I’m sure it would’ve brought us a lot closer to achieving what we wanted to achieve.”