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Gerrard ‘interested’ to see if Man City get Premier League punishment

Manchester City, Guardiola
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Steven Gerrard is waiting to see if City get punished by the Premier League for breaching FFP rules.

With UEFA giving the Manchester outfit an European ban, many have called on the Premier League to follow suit as well.

Of course, stripping City of their 2014 title would have a lot of implications.

With the biggest one being that Liverpool would be awarded the title and guess who…Steven Gerrard would have a Premier League medal.

The Liverpool legend has now raised his curiosity saying he really wants to see how it plays out.

“I read that myself,” the Rangers manager told reporters via Goal.

“We will wait and see. From a UEFA point of view, it is obviously a really strong sentence or punishment. I’m sure they will appeal so we will wait and see what the outcome is on that.

“Then we will see whether the Premier League act from there, but if you look at the severity of the punishment from UEFA, something has gone badly wrong.

“So, I’m really interested to see the outcome of that. Until the [potential] punishment from the Premier League, I won’t comment further. But I’m really, really interested in it…for obvious reasons.”

Gerrard might silently be hoping City do get stripped of their title as it’ll do a whole lot to his reputation at his former club…well let’s see how that plays out.