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Gerrard is full of praise for Henderson

Jordan Henderson
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The Rangers manager believes the Liverpool footballer is the real leader for the English Premier League club.

Liverpool defeated Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 in the UEFA Champions League Final last Saturday.

And one of the players who stood out was Jordan Henderson, according to Rangers manager Steven Gerrard.

“If I had to name someone I regarded as the ultimate professional, Jordan would be right at the top of the list,” he was quoted by Caught Offside.

“He is immaculate in the way he lives his life.”

“Some people don’t see the stuff behind the scenes, the gym work, the way he eats, but he is someone who is an incredible role model,” he added.

“He is selfless.”

“He is someone who puts himself at the back of the queue because he looks after everyone else first,” Gerrard said.

“He puts Jordan Henderson last.”

“All of that is important but, of course, he is a top player as well,” he explained.

“He has running power, you can trust him with the ball, a good range of passing and, over the last few months, has risen to the challenge of pushing Liverpool forward and come right into top form.”

Gerrard concluded: “That is the key. You don’t last at Liverpool just by being a top guy.”