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Gerrard is happy with new Rangers’ sporting director

Steven Gerrard, Rangers, Scottish Premier League
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The Scottish club has appointed Ross Wilson as the new sporting director and coach Steven Gerrard believes he will fill the void left by Mark Allen.

Mark Allen left his job as Rangers sporting director in the Scottish Premier League.

And he was promptly replaced by Ross Wilson, something that makes coach Steven Gerrard very happy.

“I am pleased that the club has acted quickly to replace Mark Allen because there was a void there. Mark did a fantastic job,” Gerrard said according to Sky Sports.

“The weeks that he has been missing I have certainly felt a void. Mark was a rock for me who I bounced off every single day so I have to give the club credit for acting quickly and finding a replacement.”

“I am really looking forward to working alongside Ross. He has done a fantastic job at Southampton,” he added.

“It has given me time to find out more about him, how he works and have some really detailed conversations so we can’t wait to start the relationship. It is only around the corner so that is fantastic news for the club.”

Gerrard explained: “It is always nice to sit top, of course, it is. It is a reward for the players for how well they have played how consistent they have been and how well they recovered from the Old Firm defeat.”

“We certainly deserve to be there but we are under no illusions how tough it is going to be to stay there.”

“I think that has got be the motivation to try and stay there as long as we can and keep performing at the level we have been. Really embrace the pressure, embrace being top and enjoy it. [To] work as hard as we can is the challenge,” he added.

“I believe Hearts are in a false position if you look at the personnel they have got in the squad.”