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Gerrard reveals that the infamous slip still haunts him

Steven Gerrard'
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As Liverpool enters a very critical moment of the season, legend Steven Gerrard reveals that he is still haunted by that infamous slip back in 2014.

Steven Gerrard’s career was quite brilliant considering that he was a one-club player throughout his whole career in European football for Liverpool, but that infamous slip that prevented him from winning the Premier League is arguably one of his biggest failures and something that still haunts him to this day.

The English manager who coaches Rangers from Scotland on his very first managerial experience, opened up about his horrible experience in the wake of a season where the Premier League title seems to be slipping from the Reds’ hands once again.

The former skipper considers that this version of the club is currently much better than the one from that 2014 season that lost the chance to win the trophy due to his unfortunate slip against Chelsea, this permitted Blues’ striker Demba Ba to score the winning goal and ultimately gave Manuel Pellegrini’s Manchester City win the title.

If that wasn’t painful enough for Gerrard, Liverpool defeated the Citizens two weeks earlier and he gave a speech in which he reassured his teammates that the title would not “slip their hands” this time around.

Truly the stuff of nightmares for a scouser such as Stevie.

“This wound’s been open since my experience [in 2014],” said Gerrard via BBC Sport.

“I hope Liverpool [win] but it won’t make my wound feel any different.”

“I don’t over-think and drive myself crazy over it but at the same time, I have been honest and open,” added Gerrard.

“It was such a big year. It was the trophy that eluded me so of course I am always going to look back and wish it was different.”

“It is normal that the supporters want it more than anyone,” he said.

“I was a local, a supporter who had been there since I was seven. It was difficult for me at times but I didn’t feel suffocated by the fans. I saw it as a help rather than a hindrance because they were right behind us.”

“The team have a great leader in Jurgen who, I am sure, is trying to take a lot of pressure and anxiety away from them.”

“Certain people around the world will see it as a failure but that is football and opinions. Jurgen has taken the squad forward giant strides. He is doing everything he can.”

“Sometimes in football, if someone beats you to it, just, you have to hold your hands up and say the better team won.”

“I hope that is not the case but I don’t think you can be too critical if you have been fantastic yourself and have done ever so well to be in it in the first place.”

The main problem for Liverpool right now is coincidentally Manchester City once again, Pep Guardiola’s squad is currently one unit above them with 71 points and there are still 9 fixtures left to play in the season.

Steven is right to say that the Reds are currently delivering numbers that we very rarely see from this squad, especially in the modern football era where they have never won the title.

Fans are already starting to dread the day when a new heartbreak comes to them, where the title slips their hands once again in a season where they are truly reaching perfection with outstanding football and magical nights at Anfield Road.

Perhaps Liverpool is cursed after all, but we won’t know that for sure until the very last match of the Premier League season.

Make no mistake, this title will be decided on the very last fixture of the tournament and it has all the ingredients to be a heart-stopping night for everybody.

That’s the way we love our football, dramatic and exciting. We do have to say that it would be nice to see Steven Gerrard getting some good news for a change, even if he doesn’t play for Liverpool anymore.

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