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Gerrard – Suarez’s lack of respect was a good sign

Suarez, Liverpool
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Find out why Steven Gerrard insists the lack of respect Luis Suarez had for his teammates in training was the sign of a top player.

Usually, when you hear of a player having “no respect” for his teammates it doesn’t bode well for the future. But when Steve Gerrard saw the kind of player Luis Suarez was, “no respect” for his teammates and all, he knew he was world-class.

When the Liverpool legend uses the term “no respect” he means it in the best way possible.

Talking to the BBC about Suarez’s time on Merseyside, he insisted the Uruguayan knew nothing but going half pelt and giving his all in everything he did.

Even if that meant getting a bit rough with his teammates during training sessions at Melwood.

Gerrard reveals that he had seen strikers arrive before and demonstrate an almost courteous respect to the seasoned pros in the team, like Jamie Carragher.

But not Suarez, he was all or nothing and the Rangers boss acknowledges it is a sign of a top player.

He said:

“A lot of strikers that we used to sign did have respect for the likes of Jamie Carragher and other names around the squad but Luis Suarez had no respect for anyone in training, in a good way.”

“He’d be backing into them, he’d be leaving a bit in on them, he’d have elbows up and I’d be thinking that’s not normally what you’d see in training, you’d normally see a lot of respect but Luis would run through anyone and have a defender up the wall at any given moment.”

“You knew straight away in days rather than weeks that he was going to be a top player for Liverpool.”

Luis Suarez’s career has not been all sweetness and light but the words “top-class” definitely go hand in hand with the Barcelona man.