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Gerrard’s Rangers appointment comes with a huge catch – John Barnes

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Rangers’ fans are realistic over Steven Gerrard’s chances of winning trophies at Ibrox as former Celtic manager John Barnes has said there is a long way for Rangers to go with Gerrard but credits the former England international for taking the position.

Speaking exclusively to StarSport and reported in Daily Star, Barnes said:

“If Steven Gerrard maximises the potential of Rangers, which is all they can ask any manager to do, they’ll probably finish 10 or 15 points behind Celtic,” Barnes says.

“That’s not a failure though because if Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola went to Rangers at this moment in time with the players they have, they will not beat Celtic and win the league

“It’s not a question of Steven Gerrard failing or being inexperienced, it’s the fact that Rangers are nowhere near Celtic.

“Just because Steven Gerrard’s there now doesn’t mean they should win the league or compete with Celtic, so it will take time and I hope he’s given that time and support.”

“I went to Celtic from Liverpool, but Celtic were much closer to Rangers back then.

“We were four points behind them, we could compete with Rangers. We were much closer to them than Rangers are to Celtic now.

“Steven Gerrard has put his head above the parapet now whereby he will be shot at as a manager rather than having the safety of being a Liverpool legend.

“And I admire him for it. People might say it’s not the right job but Steven wants to be a manager. If you want to be a manager, you take the opportunity.

“I would urge the Rangers fans to stick with him and get behind him.”

Barnes played for Liverpool from 1987 to 1997, before managing Celtic briefly in 1999.