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Gervinho was impressed by Juventus

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The AS Roma winger says the Bianconeri will surely win the Italian Lega Serie A, and they also have a chance in the Champions League

Ivorian winger Gervinho told Il Corriere Dello Sport which team he feels will win the Italian Lega Serie A this year.

“Juventus. In Serie A for sure, in Champions,” he said doubting the Bianconeri’s chances.

“They can do bingo. That night, playing with Parma against Juventus, I was really impressed by Juventus.”

“I scored, they won with a comeback. But, with all the admiration for a top like Cristiano [Ronaldo], I was studying Juventus, I was focused on Juventus. And I had the impression of a real strength,” he added.

“They are organized, they have the mentality. You can put them in difficulty, as happened to us, but the last word is to [Massimo] Allegri. I left them competitive, I’ve found them even more inspired”.