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Getting ready for a huge summer with Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo & Andrea Pirlo - Juventus
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In recent times there have been many players referred to as great because they have had a good spell personally or managed to play their part in a successful team.

Yet, most fizzle out as they just can not replicate that form consistently. Names come and go, shine and fade. The newspapers and the internet are quick to raise the hype and just as vicious to crush it. However, one name that remains on everyone’s lips is the charismatic Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now 36 and entering the autumn of his career, he seems as focused and determined as ever. 

Goals to be achieved on a personal level or indeed team level, be it club wise or country wise are very much in his sights. He appears to be relentless in his charge to be remembered as the greatest player to grace the game. His battle with Lionel Messi of Argentina and Barcelona has long entertained the kids and young adults of this generation. Debates rage over preferred choices and when awards ceremonies come around, there is usually not much to separate them as favorites at online betting sites such as kaszinó.

Juve’s poor season

Punters and fans alike were left completely baffled by Juventus this year. Previous winners of the Italian Serie A for nine consecutive years, most expected them to claim their tenth in a row and assert their total dominance over the league. After all, they had one of the best players in the world on their team, right? Surely this was all just a formality. A tough challenge laid down by Inter Milan the previous year had been seen off and the feeling was they would see off all-comers again.

Yet it proved to be a difficult season for the club. Despite Ronaldo’s genius, he couldn’t single-handedly drag the team to the summit. He scored quite a lot of goals personally, but many fans began to blame him for the club’s poor form. Ronaldo felt he couldn’t do much more. The team was aging and needed some investment. Their new manager, Andrea Pirlo, while a legend as a Juventus player, unfortunately, was not turning out to be quite a good manager. Much more was expected than just sneaking into the top four right at the end of the season and he paid for their inconsistency by getting sacked shortly after.

Last chance to shine internationally?

Not many sports events were saved from being cancelled or postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic which spread throughout the world last year. This resulted in the hosting of Europe’s premier international competition being moved to taking place this summer instead. With an unchanged name, Euro 2020 will certainly be well underway by the time you read this. And of course, barring some misfortune, Ronaldo is sure to be involved for Portugal. Following their surprise win in 2016, they are the current champions and many are curious to see if they can win it again.

With a player like Ronaldo in their ranks, anything is possible. With his increasing age and players breaking through, it’s hard to say if he would appear at the next World Cup. Perhaps the delayed hosting of the Euros may work in his favour if he can still show he can deliver on the international stage. With Messi only being 33, he has a bit more time on his side, but apart from the Olympics, remains without an international trophy, losing a World Cup final and three Copa America finals which could have seen his stock rise even higher.

Goals records

Over the years Ronaldo has proven himself to be a goal-scoring machine, with his most prolific numbers coming at Real Madrid where he and Messi strived to outdo each other every year. Club records have been set and numerous awards received. This year it was being closely scrutinised to see if he had broken the record of all-time goals scored in club competitions. Yet, records of the past were not kept as well as now and there is some debate as to which games count towards the complete total.

At the international level, things are a little bit clearer. Ali Daei of Iran has a massive haul of 109 goals throughout his career playing for his country. A high figure, not many felt it would ever be broken. Yet, Ronaldo is within touching distance of that record, currently only six goals shy of equaling it. Due to his phenomenal scoring record, you can be sure Ronaldo will get there. The next target will be to get as far ahead of Ali Daei as possible in his remaining time on the Portuguese team. As good as Messi is, he is over 30 goals behind, which even including the age gap, seems hard to make up.

Could he be on the move?

Rumours abound that he wishes to leave Juventus as he felt he was being made a scapegoat for mistakes made by the team and club during the season. Trophies were won and personal accolades achieved and some feel he simply cannot take the team any further and maybe it is time to bow out.

His expensive salary is not helping matters in these unprecedented times of pandemic. Next year he would be free to leave Juve as a free agent but it’s unsure he will wait that long. Options available to him include returns to Real Madrid or Manchester Utd, where he retains legendary status amongst the fans. New challenges such as PSG of France have also been touted as a final test of his skills in a country he has never competed in.


It never seems like a dull moment with Ronaldo. From dazzling us with his tricks on the pitch to being a constant source of news and speculation off it, he holds massive interest from the fans and the general public. Seen as an all-round winner and a genuinely nice guy most people wish him the best and just enjoy the football, pleased in the knowledge we have been privileged to watch such a fantastic player.

This summer is quite important for him as he can win the Euros and break records if everything goes his way. You can back him to be top goalscorer at online casino sites such as kaszinó játékok.  After that, be it success or failure, talks will rapidly change to where his future lies at the club level. Whether he chooses to stay or go, any club can only benefit from his experience and the inspiration he gives to other players.