Gibraltar manager warns of Ireland danger

According to Julio Ribas, Shane Duffy is not the only dangerous team in the Irish squad, but the whole set of players is dangerous.

Gibraltar is set to play against the Republic of Ireland this Monday evening.

And for manager Julio Ribas, the whole team is very dangerous, not only Shane Duffy.

“I did see it, it was an excellent game,” he said to RTÉ Sport about the latest Irish match.

“To be fair now, in modern football we all know each other.”

“There is no hiding with all the technology and cameras and everything that’s available for everyone to have.”

“It’s important, obviously, for us not to concede set-pieces around the penalty area with Ireland’s strengths, but that’s not the only strength Ireland have,” he explained.

“Let’s be honest, there are plenty of other strengths that Ireland, as a great team, have that we have to concentrate on and make sure we don’t get sucked in.”

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The coach remembered the last time they played against the Irish: “It was a very good game we played against Ireland.”

“Ireland also played well because it wasn’t easy to adapt to the particular conditions on that day, but they are a team of a high level.”

“For us, the most important thing is that we continue our growth, to be competitive as a team and to continue our development as a national team to get to a stage where we can look to perform and hurt the teams we are up against,” he concluded.


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