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Giggs criticized Dolberg for a stupid foul

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Wales were beaten 1-2 at home by Denmark which means that the Scandinavian nation secured the first place in the group – and therefore a promotion to the League A.

However, the coach of the home side had something to say mostly about the late tackle of Kasper Dolberg on Welsh Ethan Ampadu who was pushed over the advertising hoardings – and Giggs, as well, praised his player that he tried to pay back to Dolberg.

The former Manchester United midfielder reflected on this challenge as he said, according to BBC:

“I want to see it, as long as they don’t go overboard.”

“It shows they care, it shows they are not going to get bullied. I like that in a team. It shows tremendous character.”

“I just thought it was a cheap shot.”

“You’ve got a lad who has just turned 18, broke his leg when he was 17. It was a late tackle.”

“I realise we’re not playing tiddlywinks and tackling is part of the game – and I like that – but for a young lad who’s been injured badly, it was a cheap shot. That’s why I reacted.”