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Giggs has criticized Marcos Rojo

Marcos Rojo, Manchester United, Premier League, Adam Lallana, Liverpool
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During the Manchester United-Liverpool match, Rojo left Adam Lallana unmarked and the Reds footballer scored a late equalizer.

Marcus Rashford scored in the 36th minute to give the Red Devil a 1-0 advantage over Liverpool in yesterday’s English Premier League fixture.

But a series of mistakes and 17 passes later let Adam Lallana score a late equalizer for the Reds in the 85th minute.

This is why Ryan Giggs has criticized United’s defender Marcos Rojo, for letting Lallana unmarked.

“[Aaron] Wan-Bissaka has not played a lot of games, maybe if he was a little bit fitter and sharper he would have got out quicker,” Giggs was quoted by Football 365.

“But for Rojo to actually go past [Harry] Maguire is strange.”

Giggs explained: “If he holds his position maybe he can clear it.”

“Ash [Young] never really gets goal-side but if you watch Rojo, he just anticipates where the ball is going to be instead of staying with his man.”

“I think it’s a poor goal to give away but Liverpool, for that five or 10 minutes, was knocking at the door and there you see Robertson crossing the ball a lot further up the pitch, where for the majority of the game, him and Trent Alexander-Arnold were crossing the ball from 40, 45 yards out,” he concluded.