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Giggs thinks Mourinho isn’t using Alexis properly

Alexis Sanchez, Jose Mourinho, Manchester United
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Wales manager Ryan Giggs also touched on a sensitive subject for all Manchester United fans, which is Alexis Sanchez low form.

Ever since Alexis Sanchez was being mentioned as a possible arrival to Manchester United before the transfer was announced, the Chilean forward had Ryan Giggs as a big fan of his game.

Now that backlash is harsh on the South American player, it appears that the Welshman doesn’t want to back down and he still believes that Alexis needs a better setting in order to improve his game at Manchester United.

Despite the clear evidence that Alexis Sanchez is the biggest flop that the Red Devils have signed in the last five years, Giggs still wants to come out and publicly defend him from any kind of backlash that the player is fetting.

The Wales manager wrote his Class of ’92 Diary column for Sky Sports, where he spoke about this sensitive subject that has every single Manchester United fan fuming over Alexis Sanchez’s alarming low form that has a direct effect in the bad results that Manchester United is getting lately in all competitions.

According to a theory that Giggs has about these below average performances from the Chilean forward, Jose Mourinho is to blame because he doesn’t surround Alexis with the proper teammates.

Giggs went directly to the time that Alexis Sanchez spent at Arsenal where he played decent football, but this is a player who has never really been considered among the very best players in the world and there is no reason to think he will morph into a Lionel Messi or a Cristiano Ronaldo after all this time.

But Ryan Giggs seems to have a weakness for Alexis’ skills. Or maybe he just loves Manchester United so much, that he imagines what life would be if Jose Mourinho attempted to use the players who are more in sync with the Chilean forward. But let me tell you this right now, Alexis won’t improve his game or score more goals because he just isn’t good enough.

“I’m a big fan of Sanchez. I was a big fan of his at Arsenal and sometimes it just takes players a bit longer to settle in. Even though he’s a top player he just looks like he’s a bit short of confidence, but I’m sure he’ll come good as he’s a top goalscorer and a good player as well. He can play anywhere across the front, he played on the right for Barcelona and up front in his better days for Arsenal,” wrote Giggs in his column for Sky Sports.

“I’ve seen him just off the left the most for United so it just depends who he’s playing with and who they’re playing against. He can also play that No 10 role but I think the best performances I’ve seen from him at United are just coming off the left, but it’s just not quite happening for him at the moment,” he finished.

Alexis keeps the number ‘7’ tradition curse alive

But if you didn’t believe what we said in a previous article about Alexis being one of the worst number ‘7’ Manchester United players ever, there is also a small detail you have to consider. Cristiano Ronaldo left a big shadow after he left the number ‘7’ vacant, the players who came after him, have never lived up to the honor of sporting that jersey and the numbers don’t lie.

The first player to take the huge responsibility was Michael wen, he played 31 matches and only scored 5 goals during his time at Manchester United. Ecuadorian full-back Antonio Valencia wore the number for 30 matches and only scored one goal, Angel Di Maria used it next for 27 matches and scored three times.

After ‘Fideo’ went to PSG, Memphis Depay took the heavy number and played 33 games with only scoring twice for the Red Devils. Alexis Sanchez is having the same fate, he has only scored twice in 17 matches he’s played so far. But Giggs can defend him all he wants, that still won’t make him a better player.

Why do you think Alexis Sanchez can’t improve his game at Manchester United? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.