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Giggs warned James to expect consequences on derby loss

Ryan Giggs
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Ryan Giggs has revealed that he warned Daniel James that loss against City could cost him his place in the Wales squad.

Wales manager Ryan Giggs told Daniel James that he would not like to see Manchester United get beaten at the hands of Manchester City. The Man Utd legend jokingly threatened the 22-year old to make sure to return after earning all three points from the derby.

Luckily for Dan James, that did happen. The Welsh forward put on a brilliant display and proved to be a constant threat on the flanks.

“I told him [James] that if he doesn’t win today I’m not picking him!” Giggs was quoted by Mirror.

“It’s huge. The confidence that it gives you that you can produce that performance. All the big games you need that concentration and that’s what the players had today.

“They had that concentration defensively and when they won the ball back making sure that pass forward was good. Their touch was good and then players flying off and causing City big problems,” Giggs added.

“The next step is breaking teams down and that’s where we have to bring Paul Pogba back. He’s the one who can unlock the door. Get him back playing well and consistently because that’s the next step.”