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Gil Marin confirms Griezmann will play at FC Barcelona

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It happened during an exchange with Spanish radio, Atletico Madrid’s own Gil Marin revealed details about Griezmann’s transfer to Barcelona.

This was a poorly kept secret for months, Antoine Griezmann’s next destination will be FC Barcelona.

This is information that was just confirmed by the Atletico Madrid sporting director, Miguel Angel Gil Marin.

The French winger was refusing to publicly tell the world where his next club would be, mainly because he didn’t want people to know what his next step would be.

However, some Atletico Madrid members aren’t happy with his decision to leave the Colchoneros and they broke the news he’s been working so hard to keep a secret.

Marin was one of the people who was present in Griezmann’s meeting with Diego Simeone before the end of the season, the one in which they attempted to convince him to stay.

The problem here is that Griezmann already knew his next destination when he had the meeting with Simeone, and apparently Marin did as well.

This doesn’t add up considering how hard Diego Simeone fought some member of the media that asked him about the matter.

During an interview with Fox Sports, Simeone assured the journalists that the French forward wasn’t leaving.

This new information revealed by Marin means that the Argentine manager was kept in the dark about his most important player’s future.

Griezmann struck a deal since March.

Turns out that all the reports coming from many media outlets in Spain were true, Antoine Griezmann apparently struck a deal with Barcelona months ago.

The Catalan club decided to bring the player to the Blaugrana next season by paying €120 million, but they decided to wait on the announcement.

Many of the club’s board members and fans weren’t happy with the way in which Griezmann toyed with them last summer, which is another reason the announcement was delayed.

The player himself has been telling the press that he already knows where he is going to play, but he doesn’t want to make any announcements yet.

Antoine has repeatedly asked the media to be patient, all he wants is to focus on the French National Team for now.

However, Gil Marin just threw all of Griezmann’s plans out the window with this “slip”.

Could this be revenge for choosing to leave the Colchoneros instead of remaining at the club next season?

“I know exactly where he’s going to play. I’ve known since march. In Barcelona,” he told Radio Estadio as reported by Diario Sport.

“There are players who feel they are greater than the squad, we have to form a group of men.”

Griezmann’s arrival can also push Philippe Coutinho out.

The least satisfied person with this news is Philippe Coutinho, who appeared as the most likely player to leave the club if Antoine arrived.

The Brazilian midfielder is currently focused on playing the Copa America with Brazil, but this possible announcement could disrupt his concentration.

Coutinho is aware of how much he owes to the club’s supporters and the board, who paid too much money for what they got in return with Philippe.

It has already been two seasons with the same Philippe Coutinho, Barcelona can’t spend another year paying a player who simply doesn’t cut it for this club.

The best option for them will be to sell Coutinho for the highest possible price, and then bring Antoine Griezmann to play alongside Leo Messi and Luis Suarez next season.

We’ve already established a list of reasons why we believe that the Catalan club should sign Antoine Griezmann.

The French player is one of the best options on the transfer market, and he’s apparently made up his mind a while ago.

We’ll only wait for the official announcement to come in the next couple of weeks.

If nothing weird happens in the last minute, Antoine Griezmann will become an FC Barcelona player this summer.

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