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Giovani Lo Celso, FC Barcelona’s perfect next target

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After his good performance against AC Milan this Thursday, it may be time for FC Barcelona to start looking at Giovani Lo Celso as their next target.

It was only last season when Argentine midfielder Giovani Lo Celso was still playing for Paris Saint-Germain and wasn’t considered by any club like Barcelona, but this new season at Real Betis has been eye-opening for everybody.

The player who came by the specific request of manager Quique Setien, has been laying waste in both La Liga and the Europa League and is quickly becoming one of Spain’s most underrated players this season.

Giovani Lo Celso has proved that he may be one of the biggest names that will be chosen next summer in the transfer window by some of the biggest clubs in the world, but his profile fits almost perfectly with the type of midfielders that FC Barcelona could be looking for as a perfect replacement for midfielder Ivan Rakitic.

The Croatia international is already entering a later stage of his career that could bring him to take a closer look at his career, with the hopes of maybe start looking for a proper way to retire from elite football sometime soon.

Giovani Lo Celso puts together all the great qualities that brought Ivan Rakitic to the Catalan club, with some added characteristics that only Argentine players have.

Just last week we could hear from Luis Suarez’s mouth about the urgent need that Barcelona is starting to have for players from new generations, this is exactly the same case that Ivan Rakitic is going through and he also won’t hesitate to point out of he doesn’t feel up for the monumental task of playing for Barcelona.

In fact, the World Cup finalist is already starting to feel how manager Ernesto Valverde is leaving him out of many starting elevens in order to give other key players like Arthur a more prominent role in the squad.

Rakitic isn’t stupid, he is already starting to tell that he may not be as undisputed in the first squad as he once was and that’s okay.

But for the Catalan club, having more than two top players on each position has become the new norm because of how competitive football has become in modern times.

Bringing Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal was only a temporary measure for the midfield position, but the club must already be looking for a new face that will bring them that squad depth they have been looking for during the last couple of years.

As of right now, the Real Betis player is proving all his critics from Argentina wrong and he has become one of the biggest surprises for his country as one of the new names with whom the manager can build a competitive squad for the next Copa America.

Also, having Lionel Messi giving him the thumbs up for a possible transfer to Barcelona will be key for his future.

At only 22-years of age, the Rosario Central product has to be one of Barcelona’s top option for a perfect combination of quality, youth, price, and style of player profile that fits perfectly with the club’s philosophy.

It’s still too early to tell which midfielder will Barcelona go after during the next couple of years, Rakitic still has a good two more years at the highest level but Lo Celso is arguably one of the best options for the future and he could fit inside the club perfectly.

As of right now, the Argentine player is on loan at Real Betis but the club will likely buy him for €30 million next summer and remain in La Liga.

This was another one of those wasted talents that Paris Saint-Germain overlooked, any other club that keeps him will win the jackpot.


How much do you think Barcelona should pay for Giovani Lo Celso if they decide to buy him in the future? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.