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Giroud backs Laurent Koscielny amid Arsenal controversy

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Olivier Giroud says that Laurent Koscielny is hurt by the way he has been treated in the media and feels sad for his good friend.

Olivier Giroud is sad to see how things have unfolded at Arsenal with Laurent Koscielny not choosing to report for training. The veteran defender was expecting to be released from his contract at the club after 9 years of loyal service.

However, the club’s management wants to sell the player for the sort of amount no club would pay for a player who’s nearing the twilight years of his career.

This is perhaps the reason why Koscielny has made such a strong stance which is unlike him.

And Olivier Giroud, who has known his for a long time, says that Koscielny is being portrayed as the bad person in this affair which is not the case.

The World Cup-winning striker told BBC Sport: “Lolo is a good friend of mine. I’ve known him now for 10, 11 years. We played together in the second division [in France, at Tours].

“He’s been playing for Arsenal for nine years; he’s been the skipper for so many years – very respectful, very professional, always the best example for the young players.

“The club gave him the opportunity to play at Arsenal, and it was a big, big opportunity for him to show his quality in the Premier League. I think he has always been grateful about that and respectful to the club. I don’t understand how we have got to this situation.

“I feel very sad for him because he’s a great person and the media wants to give a bad image of him.

“I’m not at the club, I don’t know what really happened – but one thing for sure is Lolo is very hurt by what’s happening and he’s an emotional person.”