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Giroud favours Lloris over Courtois

of France and of Ireland battle for the ball during the International Friendly match between France and Ireland at Stade de France on May 28, 2018 in Paris, France.

Despite trying his best to be as diplomatic as possible, Olivier Giroud clearly expressed his feeling towards both of the goalkeepers.

Giroud admitted he would pick Hugo Lloris over Thibaut Courtois, who is his teammate at Chelsea.

The striker will be facing his teammate from Belgium on Tuesday as a part of the semi-final clashes of the World Cup.

Even though both of the goalies have proven to have the best of qualities and to currently be in top shape, Giroud put country before club.

“They have the same right foot,” the striker said, according to Goal. “They don’t use it much.”

“Thibaut has an impressive wingspan. It’s hard to beat him on the sides. He can stop balls in any area.”

“I have scored a few goals against him in training with Chelsea and I hope I can do it on Tuesday.”

“They’re both great keepers. And they both deserve to be elected as best keeper of the tournament, even if I have a preference for Hugo.”

“The best is Hugo. Sorry Thibaut,” Giroud eventually concluded.