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Gnabry explains why he celebrates like NBA star James Harden

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The Bayern Munich forward explained why he shows off his cooking skills with the trademark celebration of the basketball player.

In the NBA every time James Harden from the Houston Rockets does something big, he celebrates by showing off his cooking skills.

And Bayern Munich forward Serge Gnabry liked that so much, that he started to use it while scoring for the Bavarians.

“There’s a video on YouTube where he’s cooking after dropping, I think, a buzzer-beater and won the game,” Gnabry told the Bundesliga official website.

“So he was cooking, stirring it up, and that’s the celebration.”

“I think you can relate the celebration to him having a buzzer-beater or winning the game to us,” he explained.

“As in football, we don’t score as many points as they do in basketball.”

“So I think there’s a resemblance and he’s a very good offensive player, I’m an offensive player so, I think so too,” Gnabry concluded.

The most notable celebration from Gnabry came in the match between his side and Borussia Dortmund, one that eventually led Bayern to the Bundesliga title.