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Go! Return! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!: Kosovo coach Bernard Challandes

Bernard Challandes, Kosovo
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Kosovo coach Bernard Challandes had a bizarre rant to try to explain the “crazy game” ahead of the EURO 2020 qualifying match on Tuesday.

Kosovo has not lost in its last 15 official matches.

And the newly formed nation is set to visit England on Tuesday’s EURO 2020 Qualifying match.

And during today’s press conference Kosovo coach Bernard Challandes went on a bizarre rant.

“In a crazy game, it’s: ‘Go! Return! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!'” he told The Daily Mail.

“It’s not a tactic.”

He explained: “Perhaps it is not the right run but it’s all here.”

“I want to win the ball. I want to disturb.”

“Perhaps you lose the ball and we score because with pressing it is a possibility. It’s not only about defending, but it’s also about preparation for a goal,” the coach concluded.