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Top 5 goalkeepers around the world in 2020

Top 5 goalkeepers around the world in 2020
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Who do you think is the best goalkeeper in the world? Check it out here as we give you the Top 5 best shot-stoppers in 2020.

Long before 2020, goalkeepers got very little recognition for their contributions to the team. Nobody had much interest in them, with even coaches paying more attention to the other players.

Truthfully, goalkeepers have never been box office material in football.

Fans from across the world pay to see their favourite club’s best strikers, wingers and midfielders flaunt their skills out on the pitch.

But every team needs a good goalkeeper to be a success-story nonetheless, and there have been plenty of them around.

We’ve seen several shot-stoppers, in fact, become world-class and a legend in their own right.

And in 2020, the goalkeeping position has become an even more critical role for every top team.

So here we give you the Top 5 goalkeepers around the football world in 2020.