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Goldstein – United is dying and the Glazers must act to save it

Glazer family , manchester united
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Radio host and Manchester United fan Andy Goldstein has begged the Glazers to save his dying club.

Goldstein a host for UK based radio station Talk Sport and an avid Manchester United fan.

He has taken to the airwaves in a desperate attempt to convince the United owners, the Glazer family to save his club.

His idea is very simple if not also extreme in the same breath. However, the fact of the matter is it is probably the only viable solution and time is of the essence.

He said:

“Manchester United have got nine days to save themselves because that’s how long the transfer window is open.”

“The club is dying before my eyes and the eyes of Manchester United fans.”

“If the Glazers are serious about getting United back to where they were, back to the big time, they don’t just have to get Bruno Fernandes.”

“With Fernandes, they’re arguing over £5million! What they should do is, if Sporting wants £55m, knock on their door, give them £60m and say ‘keep the change’.

“Then you phone up Napoli and ask how much Koulibaly is – I’m serious here – they say £100m and you give them £105m.”

“Then you phone up either Villa or Leicester and you ask how much is Grealish, how much is Maddison? £75m? Here’s £85m!”

“And you keep doing this and you buy four or five players.”

“Get Cavani on loan; pay his ridiculous amounts of money to score goals, £300,000 or £350,000 a week.

“We need four of five players, not just one.”

“If one player comes in the club will continue to die, it’s as simple as that.”

If anyone in football has the financial clout to go out and spend 250 -300 million in one fell swoop its United.