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Gonzalez – how Messi beat him with football and words

Lionel Messi
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Lionel Messi is apparently not only a master on the football field with the ball at his feet but also with his words.

Lionel Messi is famous throughout the world for letting his feet do the talking when it comes to handling his opponent on the football field.

We have also seen him get a little riled up and even exchange a little physical.

Now a story comes to light of the GOAT be a dab hand at exchanging verbal jibes too.

Former Espanyol defender Alvaro Gonzalez reveals how he tried to knock out Lionel Messi with some cruel jibes, and the Argentine came right back at him with a knockout sucker punch of his own.

Speaking to RMC Gonzalez said:

“It is quite a funny anecdote.”

“We used to banter each other back and forth.”

“I said to him: ‘You are really small, miniscule’.”

“He looks at me and responds: ‘You, you are really bad at football’.”

What can you do when a genius like Messi calls you out and shoots you down just like that.

Messi The GOAT of football and apparent GOAT of s***housery!

It obviously takes more than just magic at your feet to make you the greatest of all time.