Gonzalo Higuain, the Chelsea striker is ready for Man City

As we get ready for Sunday’s crucial match between Man City and Chelsea, all eyes will be looking at Gonzalo Higuain and his cursed past.

Ever since Gonzalo Higuain began his career as a striker in Real Madrid, the Argentine striker was always regarded as a very good player but someone who didn’t live up to the expectations and he wants to change that perception at Chelsea.

The forward already presented himself on last weekend’s 5-0 victory against Huddersfield Town, the club that currently remains at the bottom of the Premier League but the biggest challenge is about to come for Gonzalo.

During his time at Real Madrid when the Guardiola era was in full effect at FC Barcelona, the Argentine striker faced the Catalan manager a total of 12 times when he played for Los Blancos and has a very negative record against him.

Higuain received 8 defeats, 3 draws, and only won one match against Pep Guardiola when they faced each other.

But Gonzalo’s bad record isn’t only against a single club, the man has a bad reputation of not being able to perform against any major club or national team in the most competitive tournaments.

We all know about his World Cup fiasco back in 2014, but Gonzalo also has underperformed in the Champions League with Real Madrid or even Juventus.

However, there is a silver lining here that could work for ‘Pipita’.

The new Chelsea striker does have a positive record when it comes to league competitions, he has helped Real Madrid win a few domestic titles with his goals and he also made Serie A history when he played for SSC Napoli a few years ago under manager Maurizio Sarri.

In fact, the Italian coach brought Higuain to the Blues precisely because of that record he obtained as a striker in Serie A.

In the best season of his career as a footballer, Gonzalo Higuain made history for Napoli after scoring a record 36 goals in 35 matches that still didn’t help his squad win any trophies that season because Juventus were right in the middle of their most dominant era in football history.

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This season was nearly perfect for Higuain as he became Italy’s most coveted player and eventually moved to Juventus for a record-breaking price, manager Maurizio Sarri seemed to have hit the jackpot with Gonzalo and that’s why he decided to bring him to Chelsea.

There was one time when manager Jose Mourinho made a funny comparison between Karim Benzema and Gonzalo Higuain as both strikers competed for the position, he compared the Frenchman to a cat and ‘Pipita’ to a hunting dog.

This is a perfect way to describe the type of striker that Gonzalo Higuain really is, very skilled with the ball at his feet but more keen on just taking the shot from any part of the box in order to bang the ball in the back of the net.

The challenge is right there for one of the players who has always failed against major squads, Gonzalo thinks that Sarri can get the best out of him and this first major test will help them both decided whether the Italian manager is right or wrong about the Argentine striker.

The odds are against Chelsea and their manager, losing at Manchester City is something they wouldn’t like but perhaps already expect given how well the Citizens have been playing lately.

Higuain arrived in a very interesting moment of the season, when things are starting to get more interesting and this race to win the Premier League is no longer a race between two clubs only.

Can Gonzalo Higuain live up to the expectations or is he going to fail again vs Manchester City? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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