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Goretzka has faced Ronaldo now he gets to see what Messi can do?

Ronaldo, Messi, Goretzka
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Leon Goretzka has faced Cristiano Ronaldo in his career, now he is set to face Lionel Messi and he is excited about the challenge.

Leon Goretzka came face to face with one GOAT candidate Cristiano Ronaldo when he was at FC Schalke. Now he is preparing to face another in Lionel Messi as a Bayern Munich player.

He won once and lost once, in the Champions League Round of 16 matches 2014 and 2015 respectively. But he was ultimately eliminated by Ronaldo the GOAT on both occasions, as his side came out on the wrong side of aggregate defeats. 

Ronaldo like Goretzka was playing for another team back them, the Portuguese was flying high at Real Madrid.

Now, Ronaldo who is at Juventus is out of the competition and the German midfielder is preparing for another stiff challenge.

This time Goretzka is readying himself to face Lionel Messi. In an interview reported by Goal, he insists he is relishing the challenge of going head to head with another great.

He said:

“After having played Cristiano Ronaldo several times, it’s nice to be able to play against another leading footballer of our decade.”

“The only way it works stopping Messi is collectively. Everyone knows just how gifted he is, he is capable of finding many solutions also in tight situations. We will have to fight back as a team.”

“If one player can actually take away his fun in the game, I don’t know. We just have to fight back as a team and try to play our game.”

Surely Goretzka’s next interview will be about who he thinks is better. While we are on that subject, why not test your knowledge on the biggest argument in football?