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Gravesen explains how he joined Real Madrid

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At first, Thomas Gravesen though he was joining Atletico Madrid, in the end, he joined Los Blancos, spending only one season with them.

Danish midfielder Thomas Gravesen joined Real Madrid in 2005 and then left in 2006 to Celtic.

But the former Everton footballer though he was joining Atletico Madrid, and he was okay with that.

“I was in the cinema with my brother when my agent called,” Gravesen explained to Four Four Two.

“I said to my brother, ‘I’ve got to take this phone call’ and went outside. My agent asked, ‘What do you think about Madrid?’”

“I thought it was Atletico Madrid, to begin with, so I said, ‘But I like Everton too’. He said, ‘It’s Real Madrid’. I said, ‘It’s Real Madrid?! OK… well what are they saying? What’s David Moyes saying?’” he added.

“My agent said they would come to an agreement, and after that, it was up to us. From there, my agent flew down to Madrid, and because it was the winter window, Real Madrid needed to be really quick. The move happened so quickly.”

He also explained how he hates smoking: “I hate smoking because of the effect it has on family and friends, and we found a group of lads in Liverpool who wanted to be part of the project,” he explained. “They were up for it and the project is to try to raise awareness about how bad cigarettes are for you, and what you can achieve if you don’t smoke.”

“Before I started my career, players in the Danish national team like Preben Elkjaer would smoke. Now we know how bad it is for you – how many chemicals come into your body and how big a risk it is for you to get cancer and other diseases. Your heart is getting weaker, and your power leaves your body.”