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Griezmann says stopping matches for anti-gay chanting is a “good thing”

Antoine Griezmann, Ligue 1
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France forward Antoine Griezmann supports the Ligue 1 compromise to stop matches if there are anti-gay chants coming out from the supporters’ groups.

Lately, the French Ligue 1 has been suffering from supporters chanting anti-gay slurs during some of the tournament’s matches.

So the competition decided to stop some games if the referee hears anti-gay chants.

And France forward Antoine Griezmann supports this idea.

“For me, stopping the matches is a very good thing — whether it is for homophobic or racist chanting,” he was quoted by ESPN.

“If we stop games, people will not be happy and those doing the chanting will stop it.”

France captain Hugo Lloris also added: “If you want my point of view, as a player, I am against stopping matches.”

“There, it is not an appropriate solution.”

“Various forms of discrimination must be fought against, but stopping matches is not necessarily the best solution,” he said.

“It will not stop a minority of imbeciles from doing what they do at the stadium. There are other solutions and we must back the LFP to make the best decisions.”