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Guardiola believes critics undermind City’s achievements

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Right in the middle of an investigation for alleged breaches of Financial Fair Play rules, Guardiola thinks that critics undermind the club’s achievements.

As Manchester City remains attentive to the development of the latest accusations made against them for allegedly violating the financial fair play rules, manager Pep Guardiola already denied earlier on Friday that he isn’t worried about anything because he doesn’t believe the club acted wrong in any way.

However, the Catalan manager did snap a little bit just a short while ago as he was questioned again about these allegations and what he believes about the whole situation.

The Citizens’ boss actually thinks that several of the questions that he is being asked about the whole matter are ill-willed, he believes that a part of the media prefers to see the controversial aspect of Manchester City’s achievements and not the historical facts that have placed them in a unique position amongst the best clubs in Premier League history.

It was just last season when Manchester City finished the tournament as the champions and got over 100 points throughout the competition, this is something that hadn’t been done before in the history of the new format and a major achievement for any club.

But Guardiola believes that the press doesn’t really care about this, he thinks they are after the more sensationalist type of story.

In fact, Pep Guardiola has already disagreed on fundamental ideas with the press from his own country.

There is an interview that the Catalan manager offered last year to former player Jorge Valdano, in which he comes after the press from Spain for being mean-spirited and always looking for the controversial story.

This is in part correct, as the football press from pretty much all over the world has a few rotten apples (media outlets) that don’t really care about anything other than picking apart clubs or players.

For Pep Guardiola, this latest story about the alleged financial fair play violations are stories that may not be fabricated but are in some shape or form a planned strategy to hurt the club’s image.

“People press and push to find something wrong,” said Pep through BBC Sport.

“They want to underestimate what you achieve.”

“I am not too concerned or worried about what people say if we win the title because what happens now with Uefa, they don’t give us any credit for what we have done, believe me. I don’t care. Absolutely zero.”

“If we have made mistakes we will be punished – it is what it is on and off the pitch – but I am pretty sure what we have done is incredible.”

“I trust what the club has done a lot because I know them but hopefully it can solve as soon as possible.”

Guardiola may be onto something with these claims, the Citizens are not the only club that has been involved in a scandal of this nature as several clubs in Europea have already been punished.

We can find many examples such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, and Chelsea more recently.

All of these clubs have violated the rules that were imposed by FIFA or UEFA at some point in recent years, this has completely deviated the attention from football to something completely different.

The press’ job is to ask about the news-worthy questions, that’s what it was created for in the first place and the main objective is to always seek the truth.

However, there is also the more contemplative aspect of the press that becomes more efficient when it translates to sports or entertainment.

Pep Guardiola’s wish is for sports journalism to analyze the game itself rather than the scandals that surround it, but we do believe there should be a balance between the two in order to get a proper sports news media that everybody can feel proud of.

What do you think about Pep Guardiola’s claims against a part of sports journalism? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.