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Guardiola could return to Bayern in a shocking turn of events

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City
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Pep Guardiola spent three quality years at Bayern, dominating domestic competitions. However, his work there isn’t quite done yet.

The Spaniard arrived to Manchester City after the Bayern experience. One he settled himself in England, Guardiola once again dominated all domestic competitions.

However, recent events point out that Guardiola’s return to Germany could be on the cards.

The Bavarians are looking for a manager after they sacked underperforming Niko Kovac.

According to Sport Bild, Pep is still in good relations with Bayern’s board. City boss even visited Bayern’s training complex a couple of months ago.

Guardiola’s family doesn’t fancy England, as his wife returned to Spain recently.

Many signs point to Pep’s return to Germany, especially after the recent crisis in results with City, trailing behind Liverpool by nine points.