Guardiola explains why he loves coaching

The Manchester City manager loves the way he has to react to the way other’s play in order to overcome them and win.

Pep Guardiola started his managing career with Barcelona B in 2007.

He became the first-team coach in the next year and managed to lead the best team in the world for the next four years.

Then he went to Bayern Munich for three seasons, and now, he’s with Manchester City in the English Premier League.

“That is the most satisfaction as a manager, that is the reason why I am a manager,” he told Sky Sports about why he loves managing.

“The opponent playing in a certain way, we are going to do this and that with the players we have, it is incredible.”

“I don’t play! I can give some advice, the way we train, try to create a good atmosphere, convince them of the best way to play, but I don’t play!” he added.

“When I was 25, 26 years old. Johan Cruyff helped me to enjoy and try to understand the game. I like my profession, I like what I do.”

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According to the Reds goalkeeper, Adrian, his teammates at the lower part of the field are just furious beasts who don't let anybody come through.

“I played the games like a football player, but before the games, I would try to figure out what I would do if I was a football manager.”

“The worst day is by far when you cannot let your players play. That is terrible. It is a disaster. It kills me,” Guardiola said.

“But I don’t have that solution, so I try to make the rotation, there are many, many players who deserve to play, and I cannot let them play. That is the toughest moment in my profession.”

“[I prefer] Playing. Definitely! Play and go home, that’s all. Here it never ends. But now I enjoy my profession,” he added.

“When you are a player you are there, you score a goal, you hug your mates, and in the bad moments, nothing is comparable when you are a football player. It’s like when you are a manager and after you are a pundit, so better you are a manager!”


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