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Guardiola frustrated with playing at the “Emptyhad”

Etihad Stadium , manchester city
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Pep Guardiola wants to see the Etihad Stadium full and can’t understand why fans are not scrambling to get in to see his side play.

Guardiola’s Barcelona side would play in front of around 100,000 fans on a regular basis at home in the Camp Nou.

While the stadium was not always full, with such a huge capacity it was understandable.

However, Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium holds a paltry 55,000 fans in comparison to the Catalonian venue.

Rows of empty seats are becoming commonplace with an average crowd of around 40,000. Even with neighbors Manchester United’s poor form, Old Trafford still has around 70,000 fans on a regular basis.

Guardiola has not hit out at fans but has been sure to let his feelings known.

In an interview reported by Goal, Guardiola is hopeful of a full house.

He said:

“Hopefully more people can come than today, hopefully [they] can support us more.”

“I don’t know the reason why, but it was not full.”

“Since I arrived here from day one until the last day what I want is to fight and play as good as possible.”

“To see the Etihad Stadium full every single game.”

“We do our job and I do my job is not for the titles, it’s to go to the Etihad Stadium and see it is absolutely full of people, together, enjoying games.”

“But of course I understand it’s difficult for the people to do that.”

“If it is possible to be every single game full full full.”

“It will be better because it’s the sense, you know, to do something for our people.”

Guardiola admits though it can be difficult and he appreciates the support they do get.

He added:

“First of all, of course, I understand it. Never was it my intention to offend them, they are part of us.”

“I know them, we feel them, they chant and it is so nice to have them outside.”

“I know for them it’s not easy, that is why I will always be grateful to the support.”