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Guardiola hits out at Tebas after he criticizes CAS

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Pep Guardiola hits out at La Liga President Javier Tebas after he questions the decision in favor of Manchester City by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Javier Tebas is not the first and probably won’t be the last to pass comment in disagreement with Manchester City’s recent victory over UEFA.

The Cityzens defeated the European football governing body after they appealed a huge fine and suspension for financial fair play irregularities.

Already Jurgen Klopp, and Jose Mourinho have expressed their dismay at the decision.

Perhaps it is not the fact that the decision was overturned, but that it was done so without actually exonerating City entirely.

La Liga president Javier Tebas questioned CAS’s ability to handle such matters.

According to Goal, he said:

“We have to reassess whether the CAS is the appropriate body to which to appeal institutional decisions in football.”

This was apparently the straw that broke Guardiola’s back and the City manager hit back.

Guardiola responded:

“This guy must be so jealous, he’s an incredible legal expert, next time we’ll ask them which court should judge us.”

“There has to be worry and concern about La Liga on focus on them. These kinds of people, when it’s good for them, it’s perfect, but if it’s against them, it’s a problem for the others.”

“We’ll be in the Champions League next season, Mr. Tebas, what we did, we did properly.”

“We are not banned, we followed the rules for FFP as they decide. If not, we’d be banned. We’ve done it properly in the right way, UEFA says we do it and we do it.”

Now City are free and clear, who will stay and who will go from the Etihad Stadium?