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Guardiola: “‘Invincibles’ record belongs to Arsenal”

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Guardiola’s side are still unbeaten this season but the Spaniard doesn’t think that they can keep this up until the end of the season –  so he said that Arsene Wenger doesn’t have to be afraid to lose his special record.

Wenger said that it’s too early to speak about City being unbeaten through the rest of the season after just 10 matches and his Spanish colleague agrees with him. Guardiola wants to win the match against Arsenal and it’s the only thing he currently cares about so he didn’t want to make any bold statements.

The former coach of Bayern Munich and Barcelona spoke about the upcoming match as he said, according to ESPN: “Arsene’s record belongs to him, we are not going to break it — he has to be calm. It was an exceptional team, something fantastic. We don’t want to break this record but we want to play good and beat them on Sunday.”

He also spoke about the situation of Alexis Sanchez who has been linked with his team: “He’s an Arsenal player, his manager has to speak about him. You know the situation before when the transfer window was open but now it’s closed. Let’s not talk about that. He’s such an important player for them, for the talent he has and we have to try to control him. Let’s just focus on that.”

Guardiola also claimed that he is very satisfied with his players’ performances and he especially praised Raheem Sterling: “I think he’s enjoying scoring goals, he’s not scared, he’s not afraid to take a risk. And now he’s seeing how fun, how good it is to score goals,” Guardiola added. “[City coach] Mikel Arteta is working many, many hours and days after training specifically about the last action on the pitch — that control in the last moment to make the right moves in the final three or four metres.”

He added: “For himself Raheem has wanted to stay there, to improve, to practice, to shoot at the goalkeepers. It’s part of the mentality he needs. He knows a striker has to score goals and he has to do that if he wants to achieve the next step. You won’t survive in the high-level teams in his position if you don’t score goals.”