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Guardiola is ready for a new season with Manchester City

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Catalan manager Pep Guardiola is more than ready for a new challenge with Manchester City, he is leading the new Asian tour.

As the new season approaches, Pep Guardiola is already locked and loaded for a new season with Manchester City.

The Citizens took a flight to China this week and they have been getting ready for the Asia Trophy tournament, they will face West Ham United on Wednesday in Shanghai.

This squad is coming out of a truly historic campaign, one in which they became the first English club to win the domestic treble.

This consists of lifting the Premier League, the FA Cup, and the League Cup on the very same season.

No other club had done this before, which gives Manchester City a very unique place in English football history.

There had been a lot of quadruple talk throughout last season, but the squad didn’t do too bad with this treble.

The new season brings new challenges to the club, with the most obvious one being the UEFA Champions League.

Pep Guardiola is very aware of how high he set the standard, he also knows that not winning the trophy that’s still missing from Manchester City’s cabinet could cost him his job.

With this new challenge on his mind, Pep is already training most of his players except for Algerian Riyad Mahrez.

Contrary to what most of us believed, Pep Guardiola is not planning on doing anything different from all the other pre-seasons he’s managed.

The Catalan manager doesn’t want to make his players feel like they are doing anything wrong.

Guardiola believes that doing everything in the same way of the last three years should be more than enough for Manchester City to win the Champions League.

The gaffer completely trusts all of his players to deliver the expected results for this new season, he believes they will improve from last season.

The Catalan manager spoke to the press ahead of his side’s preparation match against West Ham United on Wednesday.

“We’ll be preparing like we have done the last three years – step-by-step, re-analyse and adapt what we are not doing well to move forward,” Guardiola said via Sky Sports.

“It’s no secret and at the end of the season we will see what level we are at and whether we will be fighting for titles.”

“They are smart guys, they know they are part of an incredible squad and it’s not necessary to tell them they have to play well to be in contention to play every game.”

“The last week, 10 days, they have trained incredibly well so we are on the right path.”

Should Guardiola give the Premier League the same importance?

This is the question that everybody has been asking for a while now, we are all wondering if Guardiola should give the Premier League the same level of importance compared to the last two seasons.

The Catalan manager has been one of the biggest defenders of always putting the Premier League above the other competitions.

However, the Citizens have already won two consecutive tournaments by earning 198 points between the two of them.

This is an accomplishment that we may never see in this competition again, that should be more than enough for Pep to be happy about.

There is no doubt that all the focus should be on the Champions League this season, even if that means giving up on the domestic competition.

Sadly though, Pep Guardiola doesn’t think like that. This man would much rather win the Premier League again and get eliminated in the Champions League rather than lose the domestic title.

We will see a group of players who are instructed to not give up on the league, and then place the continental title on the second level of importance.

Why do you think Pep Guardiola prefers to win the Premier League over the Champions League? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.